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How to simulate Exemplar written VHDL in MTI or QuickHDL. Post synthesis pre NGDBuild


Keywords: Exemplar, VHDL, simulation, MTI, QuickHDL, Vital, library,
Gate Level

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

After synthesis I wrote out a VHDL netlist from Exemplar. How can I do
a Post synthesis Pre-NGDBuild simulation using MTI ModelSim EE or
QuickHDL? The VHDL file written out is using an Exemplar library?


To do a Simulation in MTI ModelSim EE or QuickHDL using a VHDL netlist
written from Exemplar, the Vital '95 libraries must be gotten from the
Exemplar ftp site. The VHDL netlist written from Exemplar will use
Exemplar specific libraries. A minimum of three files will have to be
downloaded from the following address:

1. Download the following files:

1. install.txt - explains how to compile the VHDL packages into the
proper libraries for simulation. Also explains the
flow to follow from compiling libs, to compiling
the VHDL code, to starting up the simulation.

2. vital_prims.vhd - This file will have to be compiled and contains
the primitives needed for lGen created VITAL

3. The corresponding libraries for the technology being targeted.

For the PC:

AR# 4089
日期 10/01/2008
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