AR# 4099


V1.4.0 COREGEN, VF1.3 Foundation: "Call to Undefined Dynalink" while generating a core in COREGen


Keywords: coregen, core, foundation, dynalink

Urgency: standard

General Description:
COREGen issues an error about a "Call to Undefined Dynalink"
while generating a core.

vhx, xnf and xsf files are generated in the working directory,
but no symbol is generated. Furthermore, you may be unable
to open up project in Foundation because the .pdf file may be


This problem has been reported when trying to run Coregen
v1.4.x with Foundation F1.3. Coregen v1.4.x is tested to
run with Foundation F1.4 only.

The COREGen v1.4.0 install actually copies two files to the
Foundation\exe directory: net2sym.exe and conv_acs.dll.
Before installing the COREGen 1.4 version of conv_acs.dll,
it backs up the existing F1.3 version of this file to

The two files are only meant to work with Foundation v1.4. The "Dynalink error" is most likely caused by some
incompatibility with Foundation v1.3, possibly in

If the user wishes to use COREGen v1.4 but does not wish to
upgrade their Foundation installation, they can also try the

- Select only the XNF netlist in the Output Format options
in Coregen and generate the core;
- Run "Import Netlist" from the Foundation schematic editor,
selecting the XNF file for the core.
- Delete the .ALR or .ALB file generated for the Coregen
module during the import process
- After the netlist has been imported, add two attributes to
the newly created symbol:



Note that all this is done automatically in Foundation v1.4
AR# 4099
日期 03/12/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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