AR# 41157


13.1 PlanAhead - Reconfigurable Module source cannot be removed from project


When I select a source for a Reconfigurable Module (RM) and select Remove from Project, I get a dialog requesting confirmation.
When I click "OK," I get a message that it cannot be done from the GUI.
When I click "OK," I am brought back to the last dialog asking for confirmation.

I am stuck in an apparent loop.


A source file for a Reconfigurable Module must be removed from the Netlist Design. In ISE Design Suite 13.2, the PlanAhead message will be improved to explain how to remove the source and the infinite loop issue will be resolved.

To get out of the loop in PlanAhead tool 13.1, close and reopen the PlanAhead tool.
AR# 41157
日期 05/19/2012
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题
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