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AR# 41242

iMPACT - When using the .ipf file in Batch mode programming fails.


When programming a device using command line and Batch mode, if the iMPACT GUI project file *.ipf is used, the following error is seen:

INFO:iMPACT - 1: Over-temperature condition detected! [ 230.52C > 120.00C]

1: Device Temperature: Current Reading:  230.52 C, Max. Reading: -265.62 C
1: VCCINT Supply: Current Reading: 0.044 V, Min. Reading: 0.044 V, Max.
Reading:   2.997 V
1: VCCAUX Supply: Current Reading:  2.997 V, Max. Reading: 0.044 V
INFO:iMPACT - Failed to initialize the virtex5 device.
'1': Programming device...
Elapsed time = 0 sec


This a known issue.

To work around this problem you can either use the iMPACT GUI to program the device, or you can use the following commands instead of the .ipf file:

setMode -bs 
setCable -port auto
Identify -inferir
assignFile -p 2 -file "C:/projects/my_files/design.bit"
Program -p 2

Depending on the chain set-up, the -p setting might need to change as this indicates the position of the device in the chain that is to be programmed.

The bit file location will also need to be altered.

AR# 41242
日期 09/06/2017
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
  • ISE Design Suite - 13.1