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13.x ChipScope, CORE Generator - Upgrade cores fails when 7 series part is selected


In 13.1, if you select the Upgrade Cores option in the CORE Generator tool to upgrade some ChipScope cores from 12.4 to the 13.1, the following error occurs:

"INFO:sim:823 - Skipping<Chipscope_core_name> as it is incompatible with thecurrent part"

How can I resolve this problem?


The error occurs ifyou attemptto upgrade an older version of the ChipScope core to 13.1 and have a 7 series part selected in your CORE Generator project options.This is because the older version of the core is not compatible with the 7 series devices; the CORE Generator tool checks device compatibility before allowing you to upgrade the cores.

To work around this issue, first upgrade the cores with one of the older devices selected for the project options (i.e.,Virtex-6). After the core has been upgraded, change the project options to the 7 series part that you want to use.



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AR# 41262
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