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Configuration - Answer Records related to devices covered in XCN11003/XCN12026


Note: This Answer Record is part of the Xilinx Obsolete Device Solution Center (Xilinx Answer 40174) which is available to address questions related to obsolete devices. 

The below links are specifically for the devices covered by XCN12026


(Xilinx Answer 7172)  Virtex JTAG - How do I perform a readback verify on Virtex devices?
(Xilinx Answer 7426)  Virtex/Spartan-II Configuration - DONE goes High, but I/O never goes active
(Xilinx Answer 7803)  Virtex Readback/XAPP128 - Corrected equation for calculating readback bit positions
(Xilinx Answer 8181)  Virtex Configuration - How do I perform Virtex readback?
(Xilinx Answer 8241)  Virtex/Virtex-II Configuration - The DONE pin is being held Low externally. How do I determine whether the DONE pin has been released?
(Xilinx Answer 10129) Virtex-E/Spartan-IIE - Power supply sequencing of VCCO and VCCINT 
(Xilinx Answer 10504) Spartan-II/Virtex - When I select "no pre-configuration pull-ups", outputs are driven High at the end of configuration
(Xilinx Answer 14463) Virtex, Virtex-E, Virtex-II - Should the BUSY signal be monitored for SelectMAP readback?
(Xilinx Answer 15403) Virtex-II/Pro JTAG - Instruction Capture bits are incorrect when TAP is moved to Pause-IR state 
(Xilinx Answer 20065) Spartan-II - The DONE pin does not go High for each configuration attempt
(Xilinx Answer 21939) Virtex-II/II-Pro, Configuration - ICAP port is not available when the mode pins are set to Boundary Scan



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