AR# 4157


V1.5 COREGEN: None of the AllianceCore Cores are grayed out when Virtex is selected as the target architecture


General Description:

The AllianceCore Cores are not grayed out in the COREGEN

GUI when Virtex is selected as the target architecture,

even though most of these cores cannot be targeted to a



The reason for setting the GUI in this manner is because

with the cores are *not* grayed out, the pop-up box that

comes up when you double-click on the module displays

contact information for the vendor instead of just

an error indicating that the architecture is not supported.

Information on Virtex support of the various AllianceCORE

modules can be obtained directly from the respective

AllianceCORE vendor.
AR# 4157
日期 07/28/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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