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AR# 41633

13.1 IMPACT - PROM File Formatter wizard generates wrong PROM file (MCS/BIN... etc) for Spartan-3AN ISF memory for Revision One


When I generate a PROM file (MCS/BIN... etc) for ISF flash memory, for single revision by using IMPACT 13.1i, it generates wrong file?
When I generate a PROM file (MCS/BIN... etc) for ISF flash memory, by using IMPACT 13.1i PROM formatter wizard, it shows following console log with wrong start of address 0x30000 instead of 0x00000:

// *** BATCH CMD : setMode -pff
// *** BATCH CMD : setSubmode -pffmbspi
// *** BATCH CMD : setAttribute -configdevice -attr swapBit -value "FALSE"
Total configuration bit size = 1013024 bits.
Total configuration byte size = 126628 bytes.

// *** BATCH CMD : generate
0x1eeca (126666) bytes loaded up from 0x30000
Using user-specified prom size of 512K
Writing file "C:\Untitled.bin".
Writing file "C:\ Untitled.prm".
Writing file "C:\Untitled.cfi".

// *** BATCH CMD : setCurrentDesign -version 0


This is an IMPACT software version 13.1, PROM file formatter wizard GUI issue. The options sent to the PROMGEN command by IMPACT, PROM file formatter wizard are wrong.

This issue will be fixed in next release of software. As a workaround, please use PROMGEN command line option for generating the PROM file (MCS/BIN... etc)

For example - For Spartan-3AN200 for BIN file generation with Revision-1, PROMGEN command will be:

> promgen -w -p bin -c FF -o OUTPUT_FILE_NAME.bin -b -s 512 -u 0 INPUT_BITSTREAM.bit -spi
> promgen -w -p mcs -c FF -o OUTPUT_FILE_NAME.mcs -b -s 512 -u 0 INPUT_BITSTREAM.bit -spi

AR# 41633
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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