AR# 41685

7 Series FPGAs - IBIS Model Availability


The 7 series FPGAIBIS models are now available on


The Kintex-7 and Virtex-7 FPGA IBIS models are available for download from

They are alsoavailable in the 13.4 PlanAhead tool. In the 13.4 PlanAhead designtool, the TCL commandwrite_ibis supports the Kintex-7 FPGA.

To run in the PlanAhead tool:

  1. select the Tcl console
  2. type write-ibis -help for the options.

The 7 series FPGA IBIS models are not yet available for download from, but can be found in the ISE softwareinstall. You caneither search for "kintex7.ibs" or navigate to Xilinx\13.4\ISE_DS\PlanAhead\parts\xilinx\kintex7 and select kintex7.ibs.

NOTE: The 13.2 Command Line Tools Users Guide, Chapter 18 - IBISWriter,lists the 7 seriesas a supported architecture. However, this is incorrect.IBISWriter will not support 7 series FPGAs for custom model creation; IBIS creation is transitioning towardsthePlanAhead toolwrite_ibis function.

AR# 41685
日期 02/28/2013
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