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AR# 417

PROwave - Dynamic annotation of signal values in PROcapture stored in PROwave


Keywords: PROwave, dynamic, annotation, signal, PROcapture, PROwave

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When PROsim is used for simulation, PROcapture will annotate the current signal values to the design schematic. Because the current simulation time in PROsim cannot be turned back, previously generated simulation states cannot be annotated to the design schematic in PROcapture using PROsim.


PROwave can be used to annotate previous signal values that have been stored in a PROwave waveform file (.wfm).

To back up the annotation state in PROcapture, perform the following steps:

1. In PROwave, select the Annotate On command from the Change menu.

2. In PROcapture, select the PROwave Annotation -> On command from the View menu.

3. To select the state to display in PROcapture, double-click on the desired signal transition in the PROwave window with the left mouse button.

The vertical cursor will be moved to the signal transition and the value of the signal will be displayed in the vertical signal value bar next to the signal name.

NOTE: Only signals that have been added to the waveform file will be annotated to the design in PROcapture. All signals that were not added to the waveform will not have any value annotated in PROcapture.
AR# 417
日期 02/24/2003
状态 Archive
Type ??????