AR# 41704


13.1 iMPACT - Customer survey pops up every time I open iMPACT


When I launch iMPACT from the ISE or PlanAhead tool, a customer survey dialog always pops up.

How do I disable this survey?


The customer survey should only appear once.However, ifyou select "No", this is not the case. The survey appears the next time you open iMPACT from theISE or PlanAhead tool. There areseveralways to work around this issue as follows:

  • Click Yes and fill out the survey.
  • Click Yes and, if you do not want to fill out the survey, close the browser window.
  • Launch iMPACT standalone outside of theISE or PlanAhead tool.

This issue is scheduledto be resolved in iMPACT 13.2.



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AR# 41704
日期 12/15/2012
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