AR# 41720


13.1 PlanAhead - HDL Design Errors when Importing a MIG Design


When I import an RTL design generated from MIG, I encounter the following errors:

"Designutils-73 Failed to Elaborate HDL Design"

"ERROR: [HDL-1401] Signal raw_not_ecc[3] in unit ui_wr_data(100,32,4,"OFF","OFF",5)(1,3,1,3) is connected to following multiple drivers: [C:\My_designs\project_1\project_1.srcs\sources_1\imports\rtl\ui\ui_wr_data.vhd:567]
ERROR: [HDL-1379] Driver 0: output signal raw_not_ecc[3] of instance Ground [C:\My_designs\project_1\project_1.srcs\sources_1\imports\rtl\ui\ui_wr_data.vhd:582]
ERROR: [HDL-1379] Driver 1: output signal raw_not_ecc[3] of instance Buffer [C:\My_designs\project_1\project_1.srcs\sources_1\imports\rtl\ui\ui_wr_data.vhd:567]"


This issue only occurs in Windows OS. Linux OS is not affected. This issue is fixed in the v13.2 PlanAhead tool.
To work around this issue, run Synthesize in the ISE software, and then run the PlanAhead tool based on the netlist entry.
AR# 41720
日期 05/19/2012
状态 Archive
Type 已知问题
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