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Licensing - How do I access the Xilinx Product Licensing Site?


How do I access the Xilinx Product Licensing Site?


The Product Licensing Site is accessible in various ways depending on your starting point and the type of license being generated.

To get a license for purchased products, follow the link included in your order confirmation email. 

It will provide direct access to an account containing your products entitlements.

For an Activation-based license, the email will direct you to use the Vivado License Manager to obtain a license.

To get a software evaluation license or WebPACK license, please click Vivado WebPACK and Evaluation products.

If you want to evaluate IP products, go to the IP Center and follow the "Evaluate" link on the IP product page of interest or see (Xilinx Answer 38883).


From the Vivado License Manager (VLM)

VLM can be opened from in one of the following ways:

1. When the installer finishes, the Vivado License Manager (VLM) will launch in the "Obtain License" mode.
2. From Vivado select Help -> Obtain License.
3. From Vivado select Help -> Manage Licenses.
4. From a command shell type "vlm".
5. Using the Windows Start menu, select "Manage Xilinx Licenses" under "Xilinx Design Tools -> Vivado <version>".
6. From the Vivado License Manager (VLM), choose the "Obtain License" tab.
7. Select the desired license type and click the Next button.

You will be automatically taken to the necessary Web locations to register or generate licenses. 

VLM automatically detects the local machines information and passes it to the licensing Web page. 

At the Product Licensing web site you must first sign in.

If you have already created a user account, simply enter your username and password and then validate your contact information is current.

If you do not have a user account, click the "Create Account" button

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