AR# 4201


M1.x: BSCAN pins (TDO, TDI, TCK, TMS) are not reported for a 5200 device.


General Description: 

With the 4k devices, TDO, TDI, TCK, TMS pins are used for 

BSCAN, one would use EPIC and use editblock on the BSCAN block 

and verify that these pins are being used. 


However there is no block editor for a BSCAN block on a 5200 device  

so there is no way to verify that all of the pins are used for BSCAN. You  

can only verify that one is being used.


When you load the design in EPIC you can verify that the BSCAN symbol is  

being used. If it is being used and no nets are attached then at least one of  

the BSCAN pins is connected.

AR# 4201
日期 05/14/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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