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UG526 - UART and USB ports labeled incorrectly in Figure 1-2


UG526 (v1.5), SP605 Hardware User Guide, lists the SP605 features in Table 1-1.  This table lists the USB JTAG Connector and the USB-to-UART bridge; however, the labels are incorrect in the accompanying Figure 1-2. 


UG526 (v1.5), Figure 1-2, shows Number 6 as the USB JTAG connector, and shows Number 12 as the USB UART connector.  These have been incorrectly swapped.

Looking at Figure 1-2, Number 6 is in fact the USB UART port, while Number 12 is the USB JTAG connector. This is correctly labeled on the silkscreen of the board and in the schematic, and there is no Hardware issue associated with this.

This has been corrected in UG526 (v1.6), July 18, 2011.



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AR# 42252
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