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Licensing - Will my Xilinx software and IP licenses expire?


Will my Xilinx software and IP licenses expire?


Most Xilinx issued licenses do not have an expiration date, but do have a version limit. License expiration for Xilinx software and IP licenses is as follows:

  • WebPACK, purchased software, and purchased IP licenses never expire, but only enable the set of software and IP versions released before or during your warranty period.
  • Evaluation and trial licenses for Xilinx software expire 30 days from the day they were generated.
  • Hardware evaluation IP license key expiration is four months starting in the 11.1 software.
  • LogiCORE IP licenses that require no fee do not expire, and full LogiCORE IP licenses that you purchase do not expire. However, full license keys only enable versions of the IP core released during or prior to your 1-year warranty period. To access new IP versions and associated enhancements and bug fixes after your initial 1-year warranty period expires, you must renew your support contract annually.

You can check to see if a license will expire by looking at the license file. If the license expires, it contains a date (day-month-year) after the version limit (year.month) and before the number of seats.


INCREMENT System_Edition xilinxd 2011.08 19-sep-2010 uncounted \

If the license does not expire, it contains the word "permanent" in the same location.


INCREMENT System_Edition xilinxd 2011.11 permanent uncounted \

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