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Licensing - Using a Floating License for Xilinx Applications


This answer record covers questions and issues related to setting up and using a floating license with the Xilinx software and LogiCORE IP.

See also:How do I set up a node-locked license for ISE software and LogiCORE IP products? (Xilinx Answer 38293)


For more information on using a floating license for Xilinx applications, please see the following answer records:

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(Xilinx Answer 38342)- Will Xilinx software queue until the license is available?
(Xilinx Answer 33472) -Is floating license borrowing available for Xilinx software?
(Xilinx Answer 40150) - Can I use an ISE floating license regardless of geographical location?
(Xilinx Answer 33022) - Where can I obtain the license server utilities needed for floating licenses?

AR# 42495
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