AR# 42837


13.2 ChipScope IBERT - Default line rate setting for board configuration setting is invalid


This Answer Record details a known issue in 13.2 when generating a ChipScope IBERT Virtex-6 GTX core using the Board Configuration Setting for the ML605 board.


If you are generating a Virtex-6 GTX IBERT core in 13.2 with the "ml605 bank113fmchpcscm2" setting selected and targeting a -1 speed grade Virtex-6 device, the default line rate setting is set to 6.5 Gbps. This is an invalid setting for the -1 speed grade.

You need to modify the line rate to a valid setting for the -1 speed grade GTX.

This is a known issue in 13.2 and is scheduled to be fixed in 13.3.
AR# 42837
日期 06/30/2011
状态 Active
Type 已知问题
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