AR# 42839

13.2 - Kintex-7 GTX IBERT - TXOUT_DIV and RXOUT_DIV set to incorrect values when line rate = 3.125 Gbps


When generating a Kintex-7 GTX IBERT design in 13.2 targeting a line rate of 3.125 Gbps, the line rate displays as 6.25 G in the ChipScope Analyzer.


This is a known issue for 13.2. For the Kintex-7 GTX IBERT core, the TXOUT_DIV and RXOUT_DIV attributes are set incorrectly to a value of 1.

To work around the issue, click on the DRP tab with the IBERT core up in ChipScope Analyzer and find the TXOUT_DIV and RXOUT_DIV attributes. Change both of these attributes to 2 and press enter. This changes the attribute using DRP and your line rate should now show 3.125 Gbps.

This will be fixed in 13.3.
AR# 42839
日期 06/29/2011
状态 Active
Type 已知问题