AR# 42843


Virtex-6 GTX IBERT - Some QUADs Must Always Be Instantiated for GTs to Work Correctly


When generating a Virtex-6 GTX IBERT core, you must always enable QUAD115, and QUAD105 (for devices using 2 columns of GTs). The following answer record provides additional details regarding this requirement.


In the Virtex-6 QUAD115 and QUAD105 (for devices with 2 columns of GTs), perform the resistor calibration for the circuit that is used by all remaining GT tiles.If these QUADs are not instantiated and used with the IBERT core, this calibration will not occur and GT operation might not work reliably.

This should not be a problem in 13.3 and later versions because a DRC check will be added to the wizard to ensure that the user always follows this requirement.

AR# 42843
日期 01/02/2013
状态 Active
Type 已知问题
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