AR# 4291


FPGA Express 2.x: fatal error may occur when modifying existing project in newer version of Express


Keywords: FPGA Express, Foundation Express, core dump, Application error,
Internal System Error, Dr. Watson, illegal operation, project, .exp

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
Existing FPGA/Foundation Express projects may be opened in newer versions of
Express than the version in which they were created. However, if the project
contains an implementation that targets a device that is not in the current
device list, attempting to modify or update that implementation will cause a
fatal error.

The type of fatal error will depend on the operating system; Windows NT will
give a Dr. Watson application error, Windows 95 will give an illegal operation
message, and Unix will give a "Fatal: Internal System Error." All failures
will cause Express to shut down.

This problem will be seen most often with designs that target the XC40125XV
or Virtex designs migrated from Express 2.1 to Express 2.1.1.


The project can be safely opened and used, but you will not be able to modify
the implementation with the obsolete part designation. You will be able to
export the XNF/EDIF from the optimized version, examine the results in Time
Tracker, and you will be able to delete the implementation, but that's it.

Avoid using "Optimize", "Update", or "Force Update" in the Chips window, and
avoid using "Update Project" or "Force Update Project" in the Design Sources
window, as all of these commands will attempt to check the obsolete

This issue will be fixed in the 2.1.2 release of FPGA Express, and the F1.5
version of Foundation Express.
AR# 4291
日期 08/31/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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