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Exemplar: How to force some outputs FAST and some SLOW


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General Description:

Using Leonardo I want to force some of my outputs FAST while keeping some
SLOW. How can I do this since there is only an option to make all outputs



The best way to make some outputs FAST and some outputs SLOW is to turn OFF
the Optimize option to Use Fast Output Buffers, then use the set_attribute
command to force the desired outputs to FAST. Leaving all outputs FAST can
cause ground bounce.

To force an output fast do the following:

1) After 'Read' use the set_attribute command

set_attribute -port Q_out -name FAST
set_attribute -port data_out -name FAST

2) In Optimize->Advanced, make sure the option 'Use Fast Output Buffers' is

3) Optimize

4) write out the Edif netlist.

The set_attribute can also be used in a tcl script after 'Read'.


Setting an output to FAST in your VHDL code:
library IEEE;
use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all;

entity d_register is
port (CLK, DATA: in STD_LOGIC;
Q: out STD_LOGIC);

attribute FAST : string;
attribute FAST of Q : signal is "";

end d_register;

architecture BEHAV of d_register is


My_D_Reg: process (CLK, DATA)
if (CLK'event and CLK='1') then
Q <= DATA;
end if;
end process; -- End My_D_Reg

end BEHAV;
AR# 4331
日期 04/24/2007
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