AR# 4359


F1.4 Project Manager: Netlist creation failed. Try exporting netlist to edif in schematic editor.


KEYWORDS: Foundation, netlist, export, edn, edf



On hitting the M1 button in the Foundation Project Manager, in order to get to the
Design Manager, the following error message appears:

PM: netlist creation failed try exporting netlist to edif in schematic editor

This can happen when the timestamp on the newly created EDN file is newer than the time on the PC clock.



The error message listed above will also occur if the design files are on
a (NT) server on which the time is in advance of the local PC on which
Foundation is loaded.

For example:

Time on server - 10:15
Time on local pc - 10:05

Change the times to be the same.


If you are saving files to a network server, check that its clock holds the
correct time. Doing so will mean that the files created will be given the correct
timestamp and the Project Manager will not see a conflict and will not issue the
error message.
AR# 4359
日期 04/04/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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