AR# 4367


M1.5i/2.1i: TRACE: Information about Circuit loops reported TRCE/Timing Analyzer


General Description: When a design contains circuit loops, TRACE 1.5,

will report the loop in a table. An example is given below.


Xilinx TRACE, Version M1.5.19

Copyright (c) 1995-1998 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved.

Design file: main.ncd

Physical constraint file: main.pcf

Device,speed: xc4062xl,-2 (x1_0.37 1.22 FINAL)

Report level: error report, limited to 3 items per constraint


WARNING:bastw:170 - No timing constraints found, doing default enumeration.

875 circuit loops found and disabled.


! Warning: The following connections are in combinational loops, and !

! some paths through these connections may not be analyzed. !

! !

! Signal Driver Load !

! -------------------------------- ---------------- ---------------- !

! FC1/FREQ_LAT15 CLB_R18C31.Y CLB_R18C31.C4 !

! FC3/FREQ_LAT15 CLB_R3C34.Y CLB_R3C34.C3 !

! FC5/FREQ_LAT15 CLB_R21C11.Y CLB_R21C11.C3 !


There are two issues associated with this report.

1- Typicially each net reported will result in several loops being reported

as 'Found and Disabled'.

2- The signal reported could be one of many signals in the path.


Both of these issues will be addressed in the next major release of the

software. Also, the circuit loops that are reported are still design dependant.

AR# 4367
日期 01/18/2010
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