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M1.x EPIC - How do I add a probe to a PROHIBITED IOB?


Keywords: EPIC, Adding probe, Prohibited, IOB,

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General Description:
EPIC will not allow me to add a probe to an IOB site that has a PROHIBIT constraint.

Prohibit pin information is contained in the PCF file. When EPIC is invoked from the Design Manager/Flow Engine GUI, the PCF file is loaded automatically. If EPIC was invoked from the command line, it will give you an option to load the .pcf file.


If you would like to invoke EPIC from the Design Manager/GUI or would like to use EPIC with .pcf constraints, yet would like to be able to use IOB that has been previously prohibited, use the following work-around:

1.Close the EPIC window.

2.Edit the .pcf file and comment out the PROHIBIT contraint line for the IOB that you would like to use.

3.Re-open Epic; now the PROHIBIT constraint is gone, and you should be able to add a probe to this IOB.

For more information on adding a probe or routing out a signal in EPIC, please see (Xilinx Answer 2979).
AR# 4375
日期 07/09/2001
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