AR# 4391


F1.5: Virtex Configuration Stage - Project Manager reports Implementation Errors


Keywords: Virtex, implementation, configuration, bitgen

Urgency: Hot

Description: When running through the Virtex design flow, the Flow Engine completes all stages except Configuration without fault. The Project Manager reports that Configure fails with errors:

Xie: Flow Engine: ver2->rev1 (Timed ERRORS)
Xie: Flow Engine: ver2->rev1 (ERRORS Implemented)

The Bitgen report simply reports a warning:

WARNING:basbs:134 - bitgen only supports DRC on this device.

No ERRORS are reported anywhere.


Bitstream generation for Virtex devices will be enabled with the F1.5 Performance Pack. Until that release is available, please deselect the
"Produce Configuration Data" checkbox in the Implementation Options.
AR# 4391
日期 03/06/2002
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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