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Synopsys 1998.02: compile_fix_multiple_port_nets variable is obsoleted.


Keywords: Synopsys, compile_fix_multiple_port_nets, obsolete, set_fix_multiple_port_nets, FPGA Compiler,

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

When compiling your design using Synopsys FPGA compiler, you may
get an warning that "compile_fix_multiple_port_nets has been obsoleted."


Here is a quote on the Compile_fix_multiple_port_nets command from
the Synopsys Synthesis release notes version 1998.02:

Page 16:

Multiple Port Net Fixing

In previous releases, multiple port net fixing was done late in the
optimization; this could sometimes increase delay. In this
release (1998.02), multiple port net fixing is done before delay
optimization so Design Compiler can not recover any performance
loss. Optimization is performed on the buffers inserted to meet
delay or area constraints.

A new command, set_fix_multiple_port_nets, provides you more
independent control of the different faccets of multiple port
net fixing: multiple outputs, feedthroughs, and constant-driven
outputs. This command replaces the old
compile_fix_multiple_port_nets variable.

Please, refer to Synopsys on-line doc for more information on the
usage of this command and attributes.
AR# 4403
日期 09/17/2002
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