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Licensing - Licensing Website Tips & Tricks and Specific Use Cases


This Answer Record contains a list of several Product License site questions based on specific use cases.



Where do I find my voucher? What is a voucher? (Xilinx Answer 43853)

I have purchased product(s) from Xilinx, but I do not see them when I log in to the Xilinx Product Licensing Site (Xilinx Answer 44042)

Generating Specific License Types

Can I generate a triple-redundant license? (Xilinx Answer 42400)

How can I get an evaluation license from the Xilinx website? (Xilinx Answer 36605)

Instructions for purchasing and installing IP licenses (Xilinx Answer 37019)

How to generate a free or evaluation IP core license? (Xilinx Answer 38883)

Does Xilinx provide a floating license for LogiCORE IP evaluation?(Xilinx Answer 39251)

Can I generate my own floating license? (Xilinx Answer 42399)

Can I rehost or transfer a license to target a new Host ID? (Xilinx Answer 42405)

General Site Questions

After license files are created, what options are available to Manage License Key Files? (Xilinx Answer 41885)

Why am I getting an error message related to an "export compliance alert?" (Xilinx Answer 44043)

How can I be sure that my transactions are private and secure?(Xilinx Answer 44045)

How can I find the FLEX HostID? (Xilinx Answer 42398)

How do I obtain a license when it is not emailed to me (Xilinx Answer 36240)

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