AR# 4410


A1.4/F1.4 Map - ERROR:baste:312 - Multiple signals named "GND" detected.


A Veribest design fails in map with "ERROR:baste:312 -
Multiple signals named "GND" detected." The GND net appears to
be defined correctly in the .xnf files.

It turns out that a latch symbol with a file=ld_1.xnf attribute,
but with no coresponding .xnf file, was being resolved by the
mapper into a Synopsys ld_1 primative that includes global
VCC/GND nets (possible bug). This conflicts with the Global
VCC/GND in the top level .xnf.


Work Arounds:

1. Correct the missing ld_1.xnf file.

2. Rename the VCC/GND nets in the top level .xnf file.
AR# 4410
日期 04/03/2000
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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