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Evaluation Boards and Kits - RMA Information


If I suspect there is a hardware problem with my Xilinx Evaluation Kit, or the Board I have been shipped does not match what I ordered, what are the next steps?

Should I request an RMA for my Xilinx Evaluation Kit?


The first step in the process to return a purchased Evaluation Kit depends on where you purchased that kit.

If the Evaluation Kit was purchased through a distributor, please contact that distributor as they will have to open a Service Request on your behalf.

The distributor will then open a Development Systems RMA Service Request in the Service Portal to begin the process of investigation.

If the Evaluation Kit was purchased directly from Xilinx, please log into the Service Portal to submit a Development Systems RMA Service Request.

Please note, that if you are reporting an Electrical Failure, the issue will first be debugged with a member of Xilinx Technical Support.

Once the problem has been fully debugged, a decision can be taken on whether the RMA can proceed through the RMA Portal.



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