AR# 44330


Zynq-7000, Boot - NAND Boot Width is Limited to 8 Bits


The BootROM reads data on the lower 8 data bits of the NAND interface. Systems with a 16-bit NAND device will work as a boot device if the FSBL is delivered on these lower 8 bits. User software can re-program the NAND controller to use all 16 data bits. Systems with 8-bit NAND devices work normally with the BootROM.


Impact: Minor.
Work-around: Use an 8-bit NAND device.
For a 16-bit boot device, put the boot code in the lower 8 data bits.
Systems that include a 16-bit NAND device for booting.
Device Revision(s): Refer to (Xilinx Answer 47916) - Design Advisory Master Answer Record for Zynq-7000 Devices.



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AR# 44330
日期 10/22/2012
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