AR# 4435


FPGA Express - Error$: Feature license file format or misspelling...(-90,313)


General Description:

After installing a new license file, when starting FPGA Express, the following

error is generated:

Error$: Feature license file format or mispelling in license file (-90,313)


This error message is generated when the security is setup/configured

correctly, but the license file has invalid characters.

The license.dat file is a pure ASCII text document. It should not have any

formatting characters or other remnants of word processing. Check the

license file for remnants or formatting problems. Do this by:

In a DOS window, open the license.dat file using the dos text editor EDIT

(at the command line type EDIT, then open license.dat).

The '\" character terminates each uncommented line of the license file that

wraps around; therefore, it should be the very last character of these lines.

If there are formatting characters following the '\," delete them. If there is

text from the next line of the license file (not wrapped around properly),

place the cursor after the '\" character and hit return. Save the file and try

running FPGA Express again.
AR# 4435
日期 09/01/2011
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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