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Licensing - Xilinx licensing account administration and user permissions


This Answer Record covers topics related to Xilinx licensing account administration and user permissions.

Each topic has a link to another answer record answering the question.


How do I access the Product Licensing Site? (Xilinx Answer 41878)
What are Product Entitlement Accounts? (Xilinx Answer 41880)
Who should be designated as the Xilinx FLEX Administrator?(Xilinx Answer 42401)
What can the Xilinx FLEX Administrator do?(Xilinx Answer 42402)
What happens when the Xilinx FLEX Administrator changes?(Xilinx Answer 42403)
How do I get added to an account to license software?(Xilinx Answer 44016)
How to Manage User Access to Product Entitlement Accounts? (Xilinx Answer 41887)
What actions are available for each User Types? (Xilinx Answer 41881)
What options are available to Manage License Key Files? (Xilinx Answer 41885)
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