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PlanAhead, 7 Series - What does margin in SSN analysis mean?


If I am targeting a 7 Series FPGA in the PlanAhead tool and performing SSN, how is the tool analyzing the amount of noise in the system compared to the ideal margin?


VDH (voltage drive high) - Vih min (voltage input high) =  the logic 1 ideal margin. 

Vil (voltage input low) - VDL (voltage drive low) = the logic 0 ideal margin. 

Using a hammer 101010 pattern at the resonant frequency, the noise at the far end of the line is measured for logic 1 and logic 0.

The limit is the number of I/Os that can switch and still have remaining margin. 

The remaining margin is the minimum of logic 1 ideal margin, logic1 noise, and logic 0 ideal margin, logic 0 noise.




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