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AR# 44500

XST - Multiple dimension in gate instantiation in RTL code causes "ERROR:HDLCompiler:1821" beginning ISE 13.3 software


Starting from ISE 13.3, theXST new parser will give the following error when theXST new parserencounters a multidimensional instantiation label in an array of instances.The XST new parser prior to version 13.3 did not give any error or warningfor this. The sample error message is as follows:

"ERROR:HDLCompiler:1821 - "test_1821.v" Line 16:Multiple dimension in gate instantiation ignored
INFO - You can change the severity of this error message to warning using switch -change_error_to_warning "HDLCompiler:1821" "


Takethe following piece of code as an example:

module top (a,b,out);
input [1:0] a,b;
output [1:0] out;
and and_inst[1:0][1:0] (out,a,b);

In this example, 2-dimensional instantiation label and_inst[1:0][1:0] in the array of instancescausesthe 13.3 XST new parserto error out with "HDLCompiler:1821".

In ISE version prior to 13.3, this code passes Synthesis and the 2-dimentional instantiation is interpreted as the following:

and and_inst<0>1 (out[0],a[0],b[0]);
and and_inst<1>1 (out[1],a[1],b[1]);

To resolve this error, instantiate individual gates separately. You can also set XST switch -change_error_to_warning "HDLCompiler:1821" to change the error to warning and restore the ISE 13.2 behavior on this.

AR# 44500
日期 05/19/2012
状态 Active
Type 错误信息
  • ISE Design Suite - 13.3