AR# 4467


Foundation F1.5: When opening F1.4-type HDL projects in F1.5, device and Simprims libraries not shown


Date: 9/98

Keywords: simprims, library, files, migration

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When an HDL project created with F1.4 or earlier software is opened in F1.5, the
project will be loaded, but the device library and the Simprims library will not be
shown in the Files tab of the Hierarchy Browser. Also, these libraries will not be
listed as Project Libraries (File -> Project Libraries).


To correct the problem, simply close the Project Manager and reopen it again. The
project will now correctly show all libraries as part of the project.

This problem only occurs if the project is kept in the XACTStepM1 project type. If
the design is migrated to the Foundation Series v1.5 project type, the problem does
not exist. Please be aware that converting the project from XACTStepM1 to
Foundation Series v1.5 project type will change the VHDL compiler from XVHDL
(Metamor) to Synopsys FPGA Express. For more information regarding migrating
designs to the Foundation Series v1.5 project type, please see
(Xilinx Solution 4363).
AR# 4467
日期 03/06/2002
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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