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A1.5 XSI: Makeucf is a PERL utility that simplifies the creation of timespecs for FPGA Compiler users


Keywords: 100k, 100000, FPGA Compiler, high density, addtnm, maketnm, makeucf
Synopsys, XAPP107

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

Makeucf is a Perl script that was designed to replace maketnm/addtnm from the
older XACT software. This script can be used with an FPGA Compiler log file
targeting an XC4000X family device to make a UCF file for constraining the
design. The script is designed to list all the instance names of a design that
can be constrained to ease the creation of point-to-point timing constraints.

To use Makeucf, you must include the following lines in your FPGA Compiler
run script after running "replace_fpga" and before writing out the .sxnf file:

ungroup_all -flatten

These commands will list all the input ports, output ports and registers in the
design. Then run your Compiler script like so:

dc_shell -f run.script | tee view_command.log

The results of the above commands will be echoed on the screen and then
sent to the view_command.log file. Next, run the perl file like so:


It will read the view_command.log and write all inputs and outputs using UCF
syntax to inst.tnm. Use this file to add TNMs to instances. Hier.dat will also
be created listing all the register instances. Cut and paste this information
into your UCF file.


The Makeucf utility is available on the Xilinx FTP site in the following location:

Note: The only difference between this file and the original makeucf.tar.Z is
that there has been one modification to the Perl script. The original script would
read "run.log" and the new one will read "view_command.log". This change
was made to match the instructions in Application Note XAPP107. If you already
have the original, follow the directions above, but create "run.log"
instead of "view_command.log".

The "Synopsys/Xilinx High Density Design Methodology Using FPGA Compiler"
Application note (Xilinx XAPP107) contains more information about using Makeucf.
More information about the app note is found in (Xilinx Solution 4490).
AR# 4491
日期 10/05/2008
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