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AXI Bridge for PCI Express FAQ


This answer record provides answers to frequently asked questions. Please refer to the table below.


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(Xilinx Answer 47603)
Converting the BSB Endpoint into a Root Complex
(Xilinx Answer 43371)
Working Example Design for the ML605 Development Board
(Xilinx Answer 43677)
Working Example Design for the SP605 Development Board
(Xilinx Answer 43706)
How to connect the axi_aclk and the axi_ctl_aclk ports
(Xilinx Answer 44111)
How to adjust the transceiver settings
(Xilinx Answer 44929)
Reading from the Control Registers in the Bridge Returns Incorrect Values
(Xilinx Answer 45061)
Instance names of transceivers for location constraints
(Xilinx Answer 45158)
Does the bridge need to be setup via the control interface?
(Xilinx Answer 45159)
Is a processor necessary for the bridge?

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AR# 44972
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