AR# 450


94 DATA BOOK 2nd: Which 7300 outputs have 24mA drive capability?


The 1994 Data Book contains one omission and one error regarding which
7300 device outputs have 24mA drive capability. The 7354 data sheet
omits this information, and the 7372 data sheet erroneously indicates
that the I/O pins are capable of 24mA drive.


BOOK NAME: Programmable Logic Data Book

MONTH and YEAR: 1994 (2nd edition)

PAGE(s): 3-37, 3-47

The pins that have 24mA drive capability are the outputs of Fast Function
Blocks (marked FO on the 7336/54/72/108/144, marked I/O on the 7318).

Note1: All 7318 and 7336 outputs have 24mA drive capability because these
devices have only Fast Function Blocks.

Note2: The 94 data book 3rd edition is correctly marked
AR# 450
日期 09/02/1999
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