AR# 45051


7 Series - Why there is no DINSPI port in STARTUPE2 primitive?


In 5 and 6 series Virtex FPGA,  when performing a "Verify" or "Readback" operation on external SPI flash, the DINSPI port of the STARTUP primitive is used to output the readback data to the FPGA fabric. Why there is no DINSPI port in the STARTUP primitive of  a 7 series device?


The DIN pin is dedicated in 5 and 6 series Virtex FPGA, but is dual-purpose in 7 series.

So after configuration, you can set the DIN to an input (or inout), it can read SPI's DATA port directly and then forward the readback data into the FPGA fabric.

AR# 45051
日期 06/05/2013
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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