AR# 45092


iMPACT 13.x - Digilent cable does not work after updating from ISE 13.2 to 13.3 software


After installing ISE 13.3, my Digilent cable is not seen by the latest version of iMPACT.

It was working previously under ISE 13.2.


When installing ISE 13.3, The Digilent installer might not install if it finds a current version of the Digilent tools already in the system.

As a result the plug-in is not being copied to the ISE 13.3 directory during installation.

The below workarounds are available:

  1. Manually uninstall the Digilent software before proceeding with installation of the newer version of ISE software.
  2. Manually uninstall the Digilent software, and call the Digilent installer again after the new ISE installation is completed.

    The Digilent installer can be found here:
  3. Manually copy the Digilent plugin files only from the previous ISE working directory to the new directory.

    This issue also applies when migrating from ISE 13.1 to 13.2. 

    This issue is scheduled to be fixed in ISE 13.4.
    AR# 45092
    日期 08/15/2014
    状态 Active
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