AR# 45204


ChipScope - Core Inserter does not show the net sourcing the O pin of IOBUF


If Iselect thesignals to be connected to the ChipScope Pro ILA in the Core Inserter, I cannot find the net sourcing the O pin of the IOBUF primitive. How can I connect this net to ILA?


The net is hiddenwhen the following option of Core Inserteris unchecked:
Edit -> Preferences -> Miscellaneous -> "Show Nets with Unroutable Components"

However, the net is actually routable and can be connected to ILA.This is a limitation of ChipScope Pro Core Inserter,it is not intuitive enoughto be able to tell that the net goingfrom the Opin of the IOBUF is routable.

To resolve this issue, use either of the following work-arounds:

  • Check the"Show Nets with Unroutable Components" checkbox in Core Inserter to have this net shown in the signal list.
  • Use the PlanAhead tool to insert the ChipScope coreas itdoes not have the software limitations of the Inserter tool.

As always, be careful when using Inserter to connect to listed nets that are coming from unroutable components. In most cases, the net is not routable in the IOB, and attempting to connect to some nets might cause errors during implementation due to unroutable nets.The O pin of the IOBUF is just one exception to this rule.

AR# 45204
日期 12/15/2012
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