AR# 4523


M1.5, HPUX 10.20: /lib/ Unresolved symbol: [Vtable]key:__dt__21__versioned_type_infoFv (data) from $XILINX/bin/hp/


Keywords: HP, dld, version,par, ngdbuild, map, executables

Urgency : HOT

General Description:
After installing M1.5 for HP, running M1 executables result in
the following error:
/lib/ Unresolved symbol:
[Vtable]key:__dt__21__versioned_type_infoFv (data) from

/usr/lib/aCC/ : Unresolve symbol : ....


This error is caused by M1.5 needing the later version of
/usr/lib/aCC/ for C++ application in it.

Please update your HP system with the latest patch bundle
from HP to #39 (B.10.20.39)

See solution 4520 if you want to install individual patch to
update /usr/lib/aCC/ only.

AR# 4523
日期 10/05/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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