AR# 453


SYN2XNF: Use of -s option causes creation of EXT records, XNFPREP Error 3527


Syn2xnf -s creates external "EXT" records causing XNFPREP to fail. Syn2xnf -s (sub)
is supposed to create a hierarchical block (without any IOs) but it still creates EXT records
for .sxnf file written by Synopsys FPGA Compiler. The XNF format .xnf and .xff files have
EXT records. This will cause XNFPREP to give errors related to pads connected to internal


The cause of the problem is that SYN2XNF -s only works on EDIF format file (which implies Design Compiler). If the design is written out as a .sxnf file, there will still be EXT records written into it.
The only solution is to manually remove the EXT records at the end of the .sxnf
files generated by Synopsys; or write out an edif format file instead.

AR# 453
日期 11/08/2004
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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