AR# 45303


13.1 XST - ERROR:Xst:2683 - Unexpected error found while building hierarchy


Whena PLL_ADVcomponent containinga negative phase shift is instantiated in a Virtex-5 device, XST generates the following error message:

ERROR:Xst - Xst_HdlConst_Imp::GetVectorValue : type must be enum or array of bit/char.
ERROR:Xst:2683 - Unexpected error found while building hierarchy.


1. This problemcan besolved with the new XST parser. The switch "-use_new_parser yes" can be either added in the GUI or in the XST script file that contains the .xst extension.Here is an example:

Ex: For GUI, add -use_new_parser yes command in the "Other XST command line options" present in the "Synthesis options" at the XST synthesis GUI window.

Ex: For XST script, add -use_new_parser yesto the XST script filewith the .xst extension.

2. Another alternative workaround for this issue would be to change the negative phase shift value to a positive phase shift value. Here is an example:

Ex: -55 -> 305
AR# 45303
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