AR# 4534


Foundation F1.5: Base or Base-Express install for XC3100L requires XC3000L; automation exception 800706BA, 80010104


Keywords: XC3100L, install, automation, exception, 800706BA, 80010104, XIE

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
After performing a Base or Base-Express installation with the XC3100L selected
along with almost any other combination of families, the Xilinx automation may
be unusable. The problem may show itself in one of two ways:

At the end of synthesis (exporting XNF), I get "Automation caused an exception,
exit code 800706BA". Attempting to Implement the design will give that error
along with "XIE Internal error 1347170868". The XNF exists and is fine.
This will happen for any selected device.

Another error that may occur entering the Implementation phase is error code
80010104. This also occurs with any family.



If you are a Base user that needs to use the XC3100L family, select the XC3000L
family in addition to the XC3100L. This will correct any automation errors.

Note: This problem is fixed in the F1.5i release.


Do not select the XC3100L for a Base install. This part is not selected by

Note: This problem is fixed in the F1.5i release.
AR# 4534
日期 01/16/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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