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4.2i Foundation - Important information about source and revision control in HDL projects


Keywords: Foundation, Express, version, revision, XNF, HDL, source, control

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Foundation versions F1.5 to 4.2i are integrated with Synopsys FPGA Express technology. What should a Foundation VHDL user know about source and revision control?


1. The Foundation Project Manager does not maintain backups of any source HDL files. Therefore, it is up to you to periodically save any source files to a separate directory if you wish to maintain backups.

2. The Foundation Project Manager does not maintain intermediate netlist files. Even though a project may contain multiple versions of a design, there will always be only one XNF file (or, in the case of Virtex, one EDF file).

Therefore, if you synthesize a design that targets a 4000E device, and then re-synthesize the design that targets a 4000XL device, you will have two unique versions; however, you will have only one XNF file, which will match the most recent synthesis run (in this case, the 4000XL). If you return to the first version (4000E) and select "Implement", a new XNF/EDF file will be exported.
AR# 4545
日期 08/12/2003
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