AR# 45464


PlanAhead - Bank constraints are not supported in PlanAhead


I amconverting an ISE design toPlanAhead tool.My ISEconstraints file LOCed pins using bank constraints. PlanAhead tool neither tells me if a pin has a bank constraint nor lets me set a bank constraint (like PACE did). How do I fix this?


# I/O
INST "Data_Ctl*" LOC = "Bank11";
INST "Data*" LOC = "Bank11";
INST "Clk*" LOC = "Bank11";


PlanAhead tool does not support Bank constraints.

In PlanAhead tool, ports need to beLOCed it to specific site.

Note: The Bank constraint support in ISE softwaredid not take timing or optimal placement into consideration. It would only look for the first available legal site.
AR# 45464
日期 05/19/2012
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