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14.1 PlanAhead - "[IP_Flow 415] Could not find IP definition for IP file '.xco' in IP catalog"


Using the PlanAhead tool, I attempt to add an existing IP source from an ISE or CORE Generator project in one of the following ways:

  • Import the IP using "Add Existing IP" from the "Add Sources" wizard.
  • Open or import an existing ISE tool project that has IP sources in the design.

In the generated messages, there is a message similar to the following:

  • Under Import_IP:
    "[IP_Flow 415] Could not find IP definition for IP file 'C:\ISE_project\ipcore_dir\clk_core.xco' in IP catalog."
  • Under Generated IP/Core name
    "[sim 0] The IP Clocking Wizard 1.1 does not exist within the repository, and cannot be recustomized or regenerated. It is not available in CORE Generator 14.1, and may have been removed or replaced. To generate Clocking Wizard 1.1 please use a previous version of ISE software in which this IP is available, or add the user repository which contains this IP." 

How should I handle this issue?


When the PlanAhead tool imports an existing IP created in the ISE tool, it has to look at the IP catalog in order to create the proper files needed for the PlanAhead IP flows use cases. If the imported IP core version does not exist, the PlanAhead tool has no way of knowing how to create the needed files.

There are two common ways to work around this issue:

  • If the IP has been generated, then the IP source or netlist files can be added to the project directly by using the "Add Sources" wizard.
  • Open the IP in the latest version of the CORE Generator tool, upgrade the core to the latest version and regenerate the core before importing into the PlanAhead tool.

In the PlanAhead 14.2 and Vivado 2012.2 tools, importing an obsolete IP core will complete successfully, and the flow will be able to use the generated sources associated with the IP core. However, if the IP is not available in the PlanAhead or Vivado tools, Regeneration and Recustomization of the IP core will not be available. Additionally, the Reset option will be disabled to prevent the generated sources from being deleted and the Upgrade IP option will be enabled to allow the IP core to be upgraded to the latest version.

AR# 45475
日期 11/01/2013
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