AR# 455


XACT 5.0 Installation: Use caution when changing temporary XINSTALL directory


Customers are finding that when they update their installation directory, thebin directory has been cleaned out.


Before asking where the update files should be installed, the install programasks where temporary install files should be put. The default is$USER/xinstall/. If users change this and specify $XACT as the temporary"xinstall" directory, then the "$XACT/bin/{platform}" directory will getwiped out.

Note: The install program warns that this will happen.The program uses the xinstall directory as a temporary place to run theinstallation program from and keep it's data files. Before each installationthe install script cleans up this directory and then copies the newinstallation stuff to it.


The user should never specify your xinstall directory as your destinationdirectory. The xinstall directory is not same as the destination directorywhere the updated files are to be put.
AR# 455
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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